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Blair williams heated on the bathroom with her step dad

Or if I did, I've blocked it out. I found male body hair absolutely terrifying for years, until I was ten or so. Yes, of course. I saw my father naked periodically. He didn't make an issue out of it, but he wasn't shy about it; just was natural. I enjoyed seeing his hairy uncut cock cock--same as mine. Yes, sometimes. In the showers at the pool or our cottage.

Locker rooms. At home when he was changing clothes or in the bathroom or whatever.

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It was just normal. Like R9's father mine wasn't shy about it but he didn't make a big deal about it either. He was naked when it was appropriate and normal to be naked. Nor should it have been. I wasn't traumatized by it or anything.

Did you see your dad naked when you were a kid?

On the other hand, I'm an only child and don't have sisters. I don't know if he would have been as casual about nudity if he had daughters. I don't recall it having an effect on how I felt about my own body. Less ashamed and uptight than other kids, maybe. Was no biggie than, it's a shame that some things have changed. People are so sensitive nowadays about everything.

Seeing dad naked porn videos

I am astonished by R1, whose father was evidently naked in men's rooms I've never been naked in a men's room, and never saw anyone naked in a men's room, least of all my fatherand R9, who was already hairy as a. I'm assuming that R1 meant that he had seen his father's penis in men's rooms, not that his father was parading around fully naked.

I would see my father nude when we'd shower after going to the beach. I'm in my 40s yes I'm ancient.

We used to vacation in Asbury Park, NJ as kids, back before it became gay friendly and was just a straight family place to go. In the basement under some of the concession stands were some grimy communal showers. So after the beach, we'd share there with a bunch of other naked guys.

As a budding gay teen, I remember finding the whole experience so erotic.

Anyone remember that shower? I saw an actor naked in a restroom just before the show. He said the dressing room was communal and he could not put on his costume swimsuit in front of the women. Thats horrible! In the 70s and 80s Asbury Park was a shit hole! Race riots, gang fights, lootings, car jackings, armies of crazed homeless and drug addicts, raw sewerage on the beach. Didnt your parents love you? No, I never saw my father naked. He just wasn't the type.

Then a few years ago I ed a gym where I immediately fell in lust with this guy. He was in his early 40s, breathtakingly handsome, killer body - muscular but not steroid-yand just very confident and comfortable in his own skin His son high school at the time, now in college dad sometimes work out with him, and I was intrigued to watch his son in the locker room with him. The son rarely showered there but would wait for dad see he changed and showered. For some reason it was a total turn on for Son naked that that kid cpuld sit there and watch his dad get undressed and dressed, with that thick, big-headed cock flopping around.

It just wouldn't have happened although I did see his ass once walking in on him and mom lying in bed. My mother hinted around that he was big, and I could see he had big balls when he bent over to pick something up in polyester slacks.

I sure hope not.

It's not that my father paraded around naked, but in the course of living with him for 20 years, going to the beach, seeing him in his boxers with 'occasional male nudity' accidentally happening, and sharing a bathroom I saw him in boxers and bathing suits, R32, just never completely naked. I guess in our family we never had "accidental" nudity. Used to shower with Dad until I was six or seven, then after that I'd see him in changing rooms at the beach, or locker rooms at the Y.

I found some polaroids of him and my mom too. Not sexual, just naked. They were solo shots, so I'm guessing they took them of each other, and they were sitting in, or on the edge of a hot tub, so I have no idea where they took them.

Maybe a hotel? I didn't know of any family or friends that had a hot tub back in those days. I found them once, I can't remember what I was doing when I stumbled across them, but never looked again because it seemed so icky.

Never told anyone in my family, either. Oh yes, I most certainly saw Daddy naked many times. Thank you for starting this thread so everyone can see how prevalent this is. The only time I've seen a naked man in a public restroom was at an airport, and while I thought it a little unusual, he was just changing his clothes and washing up after I pd a long flight.

It was never something I wanted to see, the thought always creeped me out. I had to take a shower with him.

It was gross and scarred me for life. He was big and hairy and it felt like he was peeing on me because the water was running down his body and off the end of his dick. My sister showered with my mother around that time. We were both like, ugh! They never did it again. And I never saw him naked after that.

Are kids scarred by seeing their father naked?

Yes, I saw him naked several times. But not enough. And as a young gay kid, seeing his hairy body and flaccid intact cock just like mine, by the way in and out of the shower on occasion was a huge, but quiet turn on. What young kid, gay or straight wouldn't want to see his father naked? I didn't really like him seeing me naked as I got older, but that was my own hang up. But seeing him when I was a younger and into my teen years Not sure if I really saw him naked as a kid, but in more recent years I've seen my dad naked hundreds of times. He has a Homer Simpson-like physique and almost no body hair since all his hair suddenly fell out years ago the hair on his head grew back though.

He was never one to wear pyjamas but he must have caved in to my mum's nagging because he wears boxers to bed now. Sometimes when I stayed up late on the computer, he'd get up and tell me to go to bed, standing there stark bollock naked.

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Blair Williams heated on the bathroom with her step dad.