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in. Better late than never, Oscar Campers. Hellooooooooooooooooooooo Oscarland!


Kitty fears that she will be the next victim when her ballerina friend Magda is brutally killed by the same elusive culprit. The police are baffled, unable to find a motive. It is Alberto who discovers the connection: all the murdered girls were dancers. Investigating further, Kitty finds a photo identifying the killer. But before she can warn Alberto, Ketty is trapped in a lonely greenhouse, stalked by the homicidal madman!

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Image Unavailable Image not available for Color:. Customer reviews. How are ratings calculated? Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Top roberts Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Many people consider this a minor film in the giallo genre and I must agree, although it has a hoffman style all its own. The mystery element is not quite up to snuff although the film as a whole is quite entertaining, naked if it is for all the wrong reasons.

Just as she is about to see his face, the telescope goes black, needing another coin. She misses seeing his face, but gets the address of the apartment by the building's 57 and notices a chestnut vendor and a customer near the murder scene.

Alberto, who performs an art show where he stabs mannequins! Kitty calls her friend, newspaper reporter Lidia Anuska Borovain hope of finding out who was killed, but Lidia tells her that no body has been naked yet The first time we see Lidia, she is naked and trying to make love Robert Marco, but he is not able to "rise" to the occasion.

When Kitty asks if she has heard the news, she says, "Dear Marco hoffman impotent, how about that? The Inspector pays Kitty and Alberto a visit in their apartment, telling them that the have found the body of a female dancer, so Kitty retells him the story and says that the killer wore a black hat, just like the one Alberto owns Why does Alberto look and act guilty all the time? We then see the killer, who walks with a cane, pick out his favorite straight razor and knock on the door of Rocco, the chestnut vendor Gualtiero Rispoli.

When he answers the door, no one is there. He hears something outside his window, so he opens it and the killer grabs him around the neck with the curved handle of the cane and then slashes his throat with the razor. Lidia arrives at the murder scene and tells the Inspector that this may be the work of a sex maniac WTF?!?

The forensics team find cane imprints in the soil outside the vendor's window, the same cane prints that were at the scenes of two other murders, including the dancer's The Inspector turns to his naked Lolli [Rodolfo Lolli] and says, "Give me the roberts on all deviants and sex offenders with leg disabilities. We then see someone sneaking into Kitty's bedroom, pulling the covers off her sleeping naked body and taking photos of her.

It is then revealed to be Alberto, who is in the habit of taking naked photos of his girlfriend without her permission. The inspector suspects Alberto is the killer because, the last time he saw hoffman, he was walking with a limp. Alberto tells him that he sprained his ankle, but his reason is very suspicious, especially when the Inspector shows Alberto a photo of him with the dead dancer at a performance art show he enacted a couple of months earlier.

Alberto explains that he always gets drunk at his shows and doesn't remember everyone he meets, before he storms out of the Inspector's office. Alberto becomes front news as the major suspect in the string of murders.

Dustin hoffman

As we well know, in giallo films, the person we suspect the most of being the killer usually isn't. Before Alberto can get her the money, Marta is savagely killed by the razor-wielding killer she grabs the razor with her hand before he slices her throat, leaving a deep gash in her hand. Alberto goes to the Inspector with a recording of Marta's phone message and asks if the Inspector is going to pick her up. The Inspector replies, "Yeah, in a meat wagon!

We then see Marco playing piano as a dancer, with the smallest breasts I have ever seen on a grown woman, prances around him and Lidia. Lidia then gets a phone call from her twin sister Sylvia also played by Anuska Borova because she has something important to tell her concerning Marco, but she blows her sister off Why can't people tell important news over the phone?

We the see the black-gloved killer slicing the neck of a dancer named Magda Hopkins Cristina Tamborra while she is sleeping in her bed. Marco plays piano while looking at the article on Magda's killing. Lidia strips naked in front of him and they make love. The Inspector tells Alberto that he wants to use Kitty as bait to lure the killer.

Kitty agrees to do it because Magda was her friend. The Inspector and Alberto are watching her from an unmarked car, but so is the killer, who is watching her from the shadows of night.

When Kitty thinks she is getting into the killer's car She holds up his canethe Inspector and some police cars block his way, only it turns out to be the Chief of Police Orlando Baralla and the Inspector ends up with egg on his face Everyone seems to have a cane! Lidia thinks she has the story of her career when she locates Nina Ferretti Rosita Toroshthe woman who was the chestnut vendor's customer during the original murder, but when Nina arrives at the dance academy to talk to Lidia, she sees a framed photo on a desk, screams and runs away.

She drives to a phone booth and calls the police, telling the Inspector that she know who the killer is But she doesn't tell him who it is over the damn phone!

Before Nina can make it to the Police Department, the killer is waiting for her in the backseat of her car, strangling her and then slicing her throat The film's most inventive scene, as the wiper blades are cleaning away the rain that is falling robert, but they can't wipe away the blood that sprays on the inside of the windshield. Alberto thinks he has it all figured out, since all the murdered women were dancers.

Alberto sets up a trap with the help of Kitty and the dance academy secretary Anna Liberatiwho was Magda's lesbian lover! I've gotta go pee-pee! Just who is the killer? I'll never tell, but it doesn't take a genius to figure it out because there are so few red herrings here.

Besides some highly risible dialogue the dubbers were naked lo of fun here and Kitty unable to control her bladder during the finale, this is a fairly entertaining giallo flick. I know that is faint praise, but I have seen more than my share of uninteresting giallo hoffman that offered nothing but boredom.

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Unfortunately, that is all there is available legally in the States at the time of this review and my review is based on this DVD. The print is soft-looking, but watchable. There are lots of close-ups of eyeballs. Oh, well, beggars can't be choosers. I just hope that Raro Video releases a widescreen version of this film in the future.

They have given lesser giallo films their robert to shine, so I hope they do the same for this one. Also starring Serafino Profumo, Carlo Hoffman, Elisa Mainardi, Salvatore Borgese and Giovanni Pulone as the fireman Kitty runs to when she spies the original murder, but he says he can't report it because he is cheating on his wife! Rated R. A naked is killing a of female dancers wearing the typical garb black gloves, black hat, straight razor and the red herrings abound throughout the films characters of which there are many and its 90 minute running time always ahead of the Inspector on the case.

The film contains the usual gratuitous nudity that Euro fans come to expect ,in fact, every female actress seems to be in a state of disrobing or full frontal display.

Now to the bad news, do not be fooled by the Grindhouse label. This is not the quality that you get from Shout Factory. This transfer is from a full very full screen English dubbed release although the image is sharp and the colors fluctuate, it is culled from 16mm or a very good VHS release. Sometimes the closeups are unbearable and make the action on the sides of the screen difficult to ascertain. Remember when you watched widescreen films on your old televisions and you watched conversations between two people happening with the image showing the napkins and salt shakers or whatever dead center on the table as the characters were invisible on the sides of the screen?

You hoffman what I mean. There seems to be some quick cuts during the killings so it may not be a complete version. It is, however, hard to quibble because the film is so rare and Director Pradeaux utilizes robert stylish set pieces would love to see a widescreen copy some day which is why I am giving the film 4 starson quality alone it gets maybe 2 stars.

Trailers to other Full Moon Grindhouse releases and something called a mega mix film clips put to a techno beat by Mike Diva are the only extras. Recommended to Giallo fans and Euro cult completists, the price is right for this rare jewel. Merchandise arrived promptly and was as described. One person found this helpful.

Trust me, accept the fact this whole aspect is crude and move on. IF you prefer the alternative then go ahead and assimilate the worthless opinions of intellectual film connoisseurs and dingle-berries. I don't care. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries.

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