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Will this model for gmod 13? Most of the stuff in the list above, with the exception of a couple, were done up for an older version of Gmod.


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Posted: Wed May 31, am. I can't help but find it rather odd that there doesn't seem to be any nude playermodels available for Gmod. You'd think after all these years, there'd be at least one. Is there anyone out there who's up for making the first? Yeah, there is a reason why this is the case. I think either Evil-Ash or Rastifan can explain it a lot better.

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And when a mind is too deficient in understanding, the resulting gap is often filled with resentment. A very strange request, lol. I'll try to explain why until now no one did nude playermodels: The first reason is focus of this community - poses sex, artestic nudes etcsex videos and etc. Playermodels not implied. The second reason is the playermodels themselves.

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They imply their use as personalization of the player, the difference in appearance from the others. And here is the big question - why do we need these models as playermodels? I do not see point in nude playermodels as you will not leave them in on the server, you will not leave them in the workshop, as models presented here is intended for people 18 years or older.

This means that you can't use them with other playersas childrens play Gmod too and there will always be supporters of prohibition such models. Even if you use them in single player, then what's the point?

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We all know that there are no sex mods in Gmod, no modes to use nude playermodels. If it was something like that, such a model would be necessary. But this is not. Third reason is models themselves. I think we all know that ports of models in Gmod and SFM of course are doing by different people and different sources games, editors, etc.

That means that people do at different ports. Someone makes a skeleton under valvebiped, and someone porting it as is. That is no a certain standard of porting, all porting how can and how they want.

For this reason, creating playermodels is a very difficult thing for some. Of course we can delete original skeleton of the model and bind the model to standard valvebiped skeleton, but it will take time sometimes a lot. Also there is another reason - of ported models. Just go to release section of Gmod and look at the of s.

They are 17 each for 25 topics. Count how many models? I'm certainly not going to take up the porting of my releases, because they more than 60 at least. And others will not.

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I'll be honest - we are not a Gmod workshop in which people take the first available model and make it a player model. Most of them are just horrible ported - no eyeposing, no faceposing Such models are mostly completely useless for posing. Of course you can try to find someone in the workshop who agreed to do the conversion in playermodel, but most likely such you will not find, as no one will undertake alone for such a large project.

That's all what I can say about you request. Gonna cut this short.

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Listen to Kickster. His words are model. Posted: Wed May 31, pm. I've made a few playermodels before non nude and it is just a pain in the butt. There is a way around it, using proportions, but i've never figured it out - if i knew how, i'd have gmod made a couple nude ones honestly lol; but there's not much info out there on how to make the proportions model. Posted: Mon Jun 05, pm.

These models can be used as ''playmodel's'' dont ask for links its all from naked Easy Bonemerge Tool 2. Posted: Thu Jun 08, am. Nice tip, should be usefull for those who want a playmodel. What do you mean by a "normal" skeleton?

They are not?? There is actually a nude playermodel available, and it's on the Steam Workshop of all places! It's of a player character from the game "Rust" from Facepunch studios. I downloaded him just to check him out and yes, he is completely nude, penis and everything. Posted: Sat Jun 10, am.

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