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Toggle Register. I'm at wits end with Hippie Girl. She is almost 12 in about a month and there is no medical reason behind it. I've had her checked for UTI's and infections, I've taken her to individual counseling, family counseling, and talked to her repeatedly. It wasn't that she can't, she just said that it was "easier" to pee herself or her bed. Needless to say, there were consequences. She got sentences for disrespect and her grounding extended.

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Ever since, she has started peeing herself purposely she literally stood in front of me, looked me in the eye and said "I just peed. This has now happened 4 times in 3 weeks. She has d bed wetting after having none for 4. And what's worse is that she doesn't wet the bed at night She pees in her bed, gets up, walks down the hall, and goes into the bathroom to shower! There is no accident in that.

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She tells me she does it. She tells me with a big grin on her face, like it is funny. Now, as if that isn't bad enough, her little sister came to me yesterday and told me that she saw Hippie peeing on their bedroom floor! When I confronted Hippie about it, she just shrugged her shoulders and said "So? It wasn't the first time. She confessed that for the past couple weeks, she has been peeing on her floor because she "wants to.

I didn't realize she was peeing on the floor for the past few weeks because I was shampooing, and her bed smelled like pee anyway despite scrubbing because of her wetting daily. I am disgusted. Her sister refuses to sleep in their room. I moved her into my nursery temporarily. I already called my agency, and they are at a loss for what to do either.

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I told them I am done. No more waiting.

Get her moved ASAP. They said they will try in the next few days, and asked if I would keep her sister temporarily special needs are harder to place until they found somewhere for both of them. Any ideas in the meantime? I stuck her rear end in a diaper, and made her scrub the area she was using as a bathroom, but I am FUMING and have no idea what to do in the meantime. Any experience with this issue? View All Posts. Our 11 year old is a pee-er too.

Not as frequently as yours, but lately it's been her new hobby. Peeing in the tub instead of toilet, on her clothing not while wearing it and her carpet.

We show not reaction other than, a very flat "something stinks. You peed and need to clean this. We don't ask her why she chooses to do this, because there really is no rational or acceptable answer. She just needs to hose out the bucket when she uses it.

Yeah, my almost 19 year old refuses to use the bathroom at night. I found water bottles with pee, cups with pee, he peed in a pair of his shoes?! I got him one of those urinal bottles for bed-bound males to use and while his room still stinks, I think the fresh pee is now contained I just have to "remind" him to empty it I have a 7 year old who is having a pee-fest currently.

I hate it. I'm wondering how to explain it to her caseworker. I guess I'll just tell her like it is when we see her next week. You have gotten great advice already. I do want to add a warning; it gets worse before it gets better. Don't let her see a reaction from you. Practice your poker face now. I think these are all great ideas but I wonder how the case worker will react if you let her stay in the pee room and wear pee clothes if she refuses to clean her mess and clothes?

I totally love the love and logic courses and love natural consequences "handing the problem back", not your problem.

But I have found a lot of their tips are applicable in foster care. One I read was leaving them stranded if they miss a city bus. Um, not with foster. So I don't know. Food for thought. I wouldn't really care what CW thought.

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I didn't care what the CW thought I've been there! What I mean is if the child refuses to clean up after themselves and you allow the natural consequence, sleeping in a pee bed or where ever, wearing dirty clothes to school because they don't have clean ones, etc would depending on your location get you in trouble. Here teachers are required to report to CPS kids that are basically not clean enough. I think most kids wouldn't let it go so far as that because they want to save face at school but I think some are so traumatized they really could let it go way too carpet.

I think they need go clean it and need to learn that way but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. I had one that pulled that stuff. He was a foreign adoption though so I didn't have to worry about social workers. We had poop, pee and vomit and he had to clean up his messes. I would reclean naked he peed to bed or school It would be worse if he could tell he was getting to me, so I had to act like I didn't care but boy did I care! One summer he stopped only because I told him that kids who were not potty trained had to stay in the baby pool when we went to the city pool.

He hated that idea, so he only pooped and peed in the toilet for the whole summer, the when school started he went back to doing it other places. So I knew he was in control. What finally did it was him wanting to have sleepovers. He realized his friends would smell his girl. I've had pee'ers and poopers too. Although I personally agree with making it their problem, that's a big no-no here. I actually got in trouble for it once. My FFS smeared feces every single day sometimes several times! I always cleaned it myself I'm a total germaphobe and wanted to make sure he didn't miss anything, eww!

I was told that that was borderline emotional abuse! I couldn't believe my ears!

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They basically said to just deal with it. I wasn't allowed to even tell him that it wasn't ok to do that or let him know that it could potentially make the other 6 people in the house sick! They said clean it up and don't say or do anything.

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