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He was one of the first people she met on campus and a tight bond quickly formed. Marty was one of the only guy friends that Rory had whom she didn't fall in love with. But on the flip side, Marty's crush on Rory grew with every semester. As time went on, things became complicated in their relationship but it was a healthy friendship while it lasted. As is the case for every friendship, Rory and Marty had their ups and downs but they had more good moments than bad before it all came tumbling down.


OPEN in Lorelai's living room, morning. Lorelai is sleeping and PA is lying on the floor near by. Lets get us a little breakfast. Come on. Come, Paul Anka. CUT to Lorelai's kitchen, continuous. PA enters the kitchen and sits on a chair. Lorelai follows him and proceeds to prep up what seems to be a breakfast bouffe CUT to outside of Lorelai's house, continuous. Get it while it's room temperature and nutrient-free! Flo's got coffee. Who needs a jolt? I'm also sorry to report that we are currently out of the brown sugar cinnamon pop-tarts.

Don't "ohh! You guys've been playing favourites all week and now it's time to pay the piper. So someone be a man, suck it up and start eating the shredded wheat. Remember, people, only pet the dog with your non-watch hand. In case you don't remember: Watches cause him to freak out, jump up on the counter, and kick my once-working toaster across the room.

LUKE: You left me an urgent message about needing muffins. LUKE: These were for them? They were for me. I thought I'd try to eat my weight in muffins today. LUKE: Does the dog have to sit in the chair like that? His posture's perfect.

Wayne wilcox: marty

LUKE: Chairs are for people. That's Paul Anka's chair. LUKE: Dogs are filthy. They have fleas and malaria on them. You shouldn't have fleas and malaria in the room that you're gonna eat in. LUKE: to workers Enjoying your free breakfast there, fellas? Nice free coffee there, Craig. Nice free muffin there, Benny. I don't think they know what you're getting at. You done here?

Cause Tom wants to talk to us. CUT to outside of Lorelai's house, continuous. Luke and Lorelai walk on the porch. TJ is walking amongst the workers bossing them around. Tom is also around TJ: All right, Norman. I'm gonna need you to find me some cripple studs for that bearing wall we're putting in. Cause once that sucker's vertical, we got to be ready to nail in those joists.

TOM: Just keep doing what you're doing there, and then bring those tools up to Chick. TJ: So, Steve, later today we're gonna need to dig a footing drain all around the perimeter about 5 feet deep. That ought to keep the basement dry. Hey Jim TOM: No, it certainly does not. This is ridiculous. How long are you gonna let TJ think that he's the contractor? LUKE: This is stupid. We have to tell him the truth. You know he polishes that thing every night after work? LUKE: Really? With real silver polish. That's what he thinks silver polish is for: to polish anything that's silver.

I think that's adorable. TOM: And the good news is, he's got terrible instincts. But he combines that with absolutely zero follow-through, so it all works out in the end. Terrible instincts, zero follow-through You should hire Blake Edwards as your contractor. TOM: Oh, no! TJ'S playing with the circular saw. Tom will get to him before he even finds the "on" switch. LUKE: We're going to tell him.

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Which makes Liz happy, which will make you happy, which will make me happy. I'm gonna make sure TJ doesn't blow the house up. Now will you please go make the guys an extra pot of coffee? I'm gonna go to Babette's and take a shower. LUKE: Why? Your shower's working.

LUKE: What kind of an incident? Some of the guys saw me naked. LUKE: What?

LUKE: How in hell did a couple of guys see you naked? LUKE: Joe? Joe saw you naked? LUKE: Pete! LUKE: Slim saw you naked?!! Billy had the best view, just a straight shot right down main street. LUKE: So four guys saw you naked? LUKE: What in the hell were those guys doing up there in the first place? LUKE: I'm gonna kill him.

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We all laughed about it. Look, from now on, I'm showering at Babette's, so show's over. No one sees the goods but you. Lorelai kisses Luke and exits. She walk past Norman who then approaches Luke, pats him on the back and gives him an approving nod.

Rory and Emily are sitting at the table, having breakfast. And the blueberries aren't even blue. They're red. My God! These blueberries are red! RORY: They're raspberries. It was printed right on the side.

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Lorelai : [half asleep] Did I put on underwear?


Rory : I want you to meet Marty.